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IQVIA Consulting in Greece offers a wide range of services to provide answers to your key questions.
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man and woman looking at screen
man and woman looking at screen

Commercial & Operations Excellence

In Commercial & Operations Excellence we help PharmaCos in Greece to optimize their targeting, sales force, supply chain and marketing and promotional investments. Our actionable recommendations allow our clients to maximize both their revenue and profitability.

Key Offerings

Commercial and operations excellence key offerings and business questions addressed are:

  • Pharmacy Profiling and Segmentation - Which pharmacies should we target?
  • Physician Profiling and Segmentation - Which physicians should we target?
  • Benchmarking - How do we compare against our competition?
  • Sales Force Resource Optimization - What is the optimal sales force size & structure?
  • Territory Alignment - How should we allocate our sales force across territories?
  • Commercial Transformation - How can we structure our Commercial Operations?
  • Price Promotion Optimization - What is the return on promotional activities and the optimum promo mix and price?
  • Supply Chain Management & Parallel Trade - How to better supply the local market considering cross border trade?
  • Wholesalers Prioritization - How to better allocate quantities between wholesalers to better serve local demand?
  • Forecasting - What could be the evolution of sales in the future?
  • Product Portfolio Optimization - Which products to include in our portfolio?
  • Incentives & Compensation Management - What is the optimum incentive and compensation scheme?
  • Multichannel Maturity Assessment - What is the multichannel maturity of PharmaCos and how do they compare with peers?
  • Digital Physicians Profiling & Segmentation - How should we better target physicians through digital channels?
Business people using digital tablet and laptop in office
Business people using digital tablet and laptop in office

Brand Management

In Brand Management, we help PharmaCos in Greece to maximize the value of their brands by better preparing for their upcoming launches, monitor brand performance, understanding the usage and attitudes of physicians and corporate reputation.

Key Offerings

Brand Management key offerings and business questions addressed are:

  • Market Sizing - What is the size of the addressable market?
  • Performance Tracker - How does our brand perform against competition within the indication?

  • Awareness, Trial, & Usage - What is the levels of brand awareness, trial and usage?

  • Message Recall - How are the brand messages recalled by Physicians?

  • Patient Flow & Treatment Algorithm - Which is the treatment algorithm that physicians follow?

  • Oncology Insider - What are the actual prescriptions of Oncologists and patient profiles?

  • Advocacy Boards - What is the brand equity and how to communicate the brand message?

  • War-gaming - How to position the product considering competition?

  • Corporate Reputation - What are the drivers for Reputation & Social Responsibility?

  • Sales Reps Evaluation - How do Sales Reps perform per area?

  • Launch Excellence - How to better prepare for our launch in a holistic manner?

  • Multichannel Approach Evaluation - What is the digital adoption and digital preferences of physicians?

  • Channel Dynamics - How does our detailing effort compare to competition?

Businessman in using smart phone
Businessman in using smart phone

Real World Evidence

In Real World Evidence, we help PharmaCos in Greece to gain valuable insights for real world data collected from big volume of transactions collected by the pharmacies. Key offerings and business questions addressed are:

  • Market Demand Tracker - What is the actual local market demand for specific Rx products?
  • Prescription Insights - What is the source of business?
  • Co-Dispensing Patterns - Which products are co-dispensed?
  • Indication Split - How do sales split between indications?
Signing off on the final draft
Signing off on the final draft

Market Access

In Market Access, we help PharmaCos in Greece to better equip their market access departments by mapping the stakeholders, analyzing and benchmarking the evolution of the markets, analyzing pricing scenarios. Key offerings and business questions addressed are:

  • Health Technology Assessment - What is the budget impact & cost effectiveness of the new product to be launched?
  • Stakeholders Mapping - Who are the most important stakeholders & how do they interact?
  • Market Analytics - What is the size & evolution of the market?
  • Pricing Analytics - How do pricing scenarios impact market size & state spending?