IQVIA Events

Over the years, IQVIA has taken the opportunity to meet directly with customers, market experts and health care professionals. Find information here about IQVIA events, most of which are held in Germany.

Customer Meetings

Customer conferences are large events that sometimes extend over several days. Various topics are discussed, including developments in the pharmaceutical markets from local and global perspectives, the effects of pharmaceutical policy, technological achievements that have an impact on the sector, as well as news from IQVIA. The topics discussed at customer conferences are not necessarily exclusively focused on our customers: Insurance representatives, service providers and other interested parties are also welcome. 

Round Table Meetings

Round tables are traditional customer events in a more informal format that are held several times a year and focus on specific and topical matters.

Hands-on training/user meetings

In hands-on training/user meetings, we train our customers in how to use IQVIA data and tools. These are organized several times a year and focus on different topics.

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