Le Club EChO Pharmaceutique

Your bi-monthly newsletter about the pharmaceutical market in France and abroad.

The complexity of the healthcare and pharmaceutical ecosystem makes it tedious to analyze.

The continuous flow of economic statistics publications (LFSS, cour des comptes, accord cadre...), of healthcare technology assessment news (price, reimbursment) and of study reports from healthcare authorities (HAS, ANSM...) takes time to monitor and requires a certain level of expertise to identify key relevant information.

In order to help all healthcare stakeholders in that effort, our market access specialists have developed a newsletter about the pharmaceutical market: the Club EChO.

Each month our expert analyze and provide their insights on the main news and events of the market through two thematic editions:

"News" Edition

  • Contains a detailed review of the main news of the healthcare system, a selection of the key information for the month, and a digest of complementary news
  • Based on a selection of reports, draft bills, healthcare authority publications, regulatory reports—all analyzed with a focus on their impact on the pharmaceutical market 
  • In your mailbox the 2nd Tuesday of each month 

"Assessment" Edition

  • Focuses on the regulatory area of the market with the analysis of a main fact of the month and a synthesis of French and foreign authorities regulatory decisions
  • In your mailbox the 4th Tuesday of each month

Benefits of Club EChO

  • 20 issues per year, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (no publication in May and August)
  • Unlimited access to all teams within your organization
  • Available on multiple devices


Information and Subscriptions

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