Business intelligence to deliver more effective healthcare services

Health Industry Information Services (HIIS) is a specialized division of IQVIA (Canada), Canada’s leading provider of market intelligence to the healthcare industries. HIIS serves the precise needs of non-pharmaceutical healthcare stakeholders including Retail Pharmacy, Insurers & Plan Sponsors, Providers and Government.

As a trusted healthcare partner, HIIS uses IQVIA’s comprehensive, timely, and unbiased data, analytical expertise, and business intelligence technology to provide syndicated or custom solutions that help our clients deliver more effective healthcare services and improve patient outcomes.

Our solutions help stakeholders across healthcare:

Retail Pharmacy

  • Monitor and diagnose the health of your business
  • Understand your competition
  • Enhance business strategy

Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

  • Capture self-assessments and perform data integration
  • Evaluate treatment effectiveness in real clinical practice
  • Engage patients in post-hospital care


  • Understand cost drivers and reduce wasteful variations in care
  • Track, monitor, and improve the quality of and access to healthcare beneficiaries

Private Payers & Insurers

  • Understand government pricing policies
  • Monitor private health group benefit claims and emerging plan utilization trends