Re-forecast Product Demand Based on Actual Usage

Predicting product demand during the course of a clinical trial is more guesswork than exact science. There are just too many variables that affect Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) consumption. Enrollment rates. Production capacity. Customs delays. Temperature excursions.

But with accurate, up-to-date information on patient screening and product consumption, you can re-forecast as often as needed to reflect reality. IQVIA’s Clinical Trial Supply Monitor gives you just that at a glance. The dashboard draws data from the trial’s supply chain software as well as your forecasting tool so that you can:

  • Compare progress in patient screening and randomization to the forecast
  • Examine forecasting accuracy at the depot and country level
  • Improve forecasting accuracy over time
  • Detect potential issues quickly

The increased visibility of actual verse forecasted numbers provided by the IQVIA Clinical Trial Supply Monitor leads to:

  • Lower risk of stock outs and wastage
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Less manual work and chance of human error
  • Better insights on data quality and load issues
  • Reduced stress