Asia- Pacific region is a hotspot for medical devices. Advancing technologies, aging populations, growing economies and increasing health care spending by individuals and governments, offer vast growth for multinational and local medical device companies.

The region is diverse, and each country presents a complex and challenging regulatory landscape. Gaining market access to Asia Pacific requires a deep understanding of the regulations, culture and payer expectations. Development and commercialization strategies must be aligned with regulatory and market demands, coupled with collaborative relationships with payers, providers and vendors.


IQVIA offers an integrated solution for medical device and diagnostics companies to: 


Navigate complex regulatory environment 

Optimize medical device clinical development  

Accelerate market approvals 

Develop strategies for better commercial performance 




Regulatory Services

Evaluate current regulations, analyze impact of regulatory changes and assess registration pathways to help navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Clinical Trials

Preferred provider by the world’s largest medical device companies

Accelerate timelines and chart a precise path via our optimized clinical trial management processes

Consulting Services

Harness our consulting capabilities to fast-forward your commercial performance via global insights, rigorous analyses, strategic recommendations and in-market execution support

Market Analytics

Gain critical and actionable data-based insights into the promise of your device or diagnostic product using our unique information and analytics solution for Asia Pacific 

Therapeutic Expertise

Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Oncology, Dermatology, and Diabetes Care and Endocrinology  


In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Companion Diagnostics (CDx)  




Winning with innovation

The Asia-Pacific region (APAC) is now the fastest growing medical device region in the world, and is expected to outgrow Europe to become the second largest medical technology (Medtech) market by 2020. This trend is being driven by demographic changes, economic growth and a maturing healthcare landscape.

In this paper, we explore different forms of innovation that are emerging within the APAC medical device market and the evolving roles that both LCGAs and MNCs are carving out for themselves. We will outline opportunities and challenges for players looking to win in this space.

Accelerating market access for a maturing medtech industry in APAC
This paper, Accelerating Market Access for a Maturing Medtech Industry in APAC, published in collaboration with IOVIA, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), with significant contributions of key executives from the industry, aims to provide the context to this evolving environment, as governments continually strive to improve access to healthcare by fully leveraging the value of health technologies.
The increasing importance of market access for medtech in APAC
Regardless of category types, the de facto go-to-market entry strategy for a medtech company large or small, had mostly been to hire local distributors to take on the standard service output demands of availing products and services to market while they focus on larger (and more attractive) markets and R&D activities.