​Academic Research Group

With academic research playing an increasingly vital role in tailoring treatments to local patients and populations, the scope and scale of such trials are at an all-time high – as with the need for consistent and high-quality data. Managing increased operational burden can be challenging for investigator and institutions alike, particularly when considering increased complexities of leading multi-site or multi-country research. 


Academic Research Group connects you to regional reach and resources

Tailored for grant-funded budgets and target for high-impact publications to: 


Maximize grant application chances and validate operational study budgets

Engage support services only where needed and within budget

Coordinate multiple sites and countries through single point of contact

Ensure highest-quality data with validated platforms and data management teams



Regional Reach and Resources

Tap into ~11,000 staff in over 15 countries across the region 

Full access to IQVIA resources, at a budget and scope for academic research  

Conduct regional research with local-country experts at each study location 

Coordinate multiple countries through a single, Singapore-based partner   

Modular, Collaborative Approach

Flexible support, only where you need it most

Select from IQVIA Support Services, based on your study needs

Engage with IQVIA team to develop collaborative delivery strategy  

Ensure best-use of grant funds to support high-quality research  

Pre-application Guidance and Budgeting

Maximize chances of funding approval and successful delivery

Maximize your chances of successful grant applications with clear, itemized budgets

Validate grant value is sufficient for study delivery and completion

Connection with regional clinical trial experts


High-quality Infrastructure at a Low Cost

Leveraging existing infrastructure at a low cost for your research

Take advantage of IQVIA platforms and partnerships  

Access to validated data and safety platforms, without paying licenses fees  

Existing SOPs and Processes, giving confidence in delivery across Asia Pacific 



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