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Review of 2017

White Paper

March 22, 2018
IQVIA Pharma Deals Review of 2017

The IQVIA Pharma Deals Review of 2017 shows deal activity in the life sciences sector showed no sign of acceleration in 2017 and is now at its lowest level for 5 years. This downturn is partly a consequence of continuing political uncertainty and financial reforms before deciding on deal strategy. Also, with a record-breaking year for venture capital funding and a strong IPO market, small companies had various other financing options available to them.

This White Paper provides an insightful overview of deal activity as well as the outlook for deals in 2018. Key information provided includes the following:

- Top M&A and partnership deals in 2017
- Deal activity rankings of the top pharmaceutical companies
- Deal activity by therapeutic area and development phase
- Deal value analysis of M&A, licensing and R&D deals

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