Drive better care and greater efficiency through deep, actionable insights

Patients seek better outcomes and improved quality of life. And you pay for delivery of high quality healthcare yielding those desired outcomes at an acceptable cost. With unparalleled data, IQVIA can provide you with detailed, accurate information and insights that aid in determining treatment value

  • Gain a continuous, actionable view of patterns and trends to better understand cost drivers, ascertain outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement. Access the largest independent, curated source of health plan claims and prescription data along with deep expertise in healthcare informatics, data management and warehousing
  • Go deep. Improve provider performance monitoring and uncover insights that inform key decisions through best-in-class information and advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and adaptable technology platforms
  • Get the big picture. Monitor prescription dispensing and treatment patterns to forecast more accurately. Acquire a richer, more complete view of healthcare delivery and outcomes through our longitudinal databases depicting the activities of non-identified individuals or cohorts as they fill prescriptions, receive medical care, and even act as everyday consumers
  • Identify steps toward risk mitigation and improve safety
  • Learn more about how our OneKey Reference Data, RXSource360 and Provider Intelligence data platforms can help you achieve your goal of healthy outcomes at acceptable cost

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