Translate market opportunities into a differentiated brand strategy

When crafting your brand strategy, you need to answer key questions to determine where your product fits within the market landscape:

  • Where should my brand play?
  • How does my brand play to win?
  • How do I ensure internal alignment on market need and product value?
  • How should I communicate my brand’s value proposition to key stakeholders?

One common pitfall marketers make is building brand positioning, strategy, and segmentation based on a narrow understanding of treatment algorithms. Traditional patient journeys with limited focus on the clinical dimension of the journey end up being expensive, time-consuming and one-dimensional. A holistic patient journey helps to lay the foundation for a strong brand strategy throughout the full life-cycle of your product.

IQVIA applies best practices to adopt an integrated approach in research methodology, analysis, strategy-building and monitoring to maximize brand potential. Our industry leading approach to integrating evidence-based launch strategy with our breadth of insights across patient, provider, and payer stakeholder perspectives enables you to make smart business decisions in an ever changing environment. With our empirical approach, we help launch brands to effectively develop strategy and messaging to optimize your brand’s position with key stakeholders.

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