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IQVIA can help you plan and execute a communications strategy designed to empower patients at every stage of your brand's lifecycle -- from clinical trials to market use.
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Help patients take control

Effective patient engagement has the potential to improve treatment adherence, health outcomes, and quality of life. IQVIA can help you develop a targeted, informed communication strategy across each stage of the product lifecycle to give patients the understanding, support, and control they need to realize those benefits.

Speak the language of patients

To make informed decisions, patients need education and support that's clear, memorable and motivating. No easy feat since every patient processes information and learning differently. IQVIA can help you customize instructional programs across multiple modalities; enabling you to engage with each patient in a more collaborative and meaningful way. And with that, foster positive health behavior from recruitment all the way through the product lifecycle.

By implementing a targeted approach, you can help patients

  • Understand the benefits of their treatment
  • Make necessary lifestyle changes to enhance quality of life
  • Ask questions that they might otherwise dismiss
  • Adhere to their program for the duration of the trial or treatment

The pillars of effective patient communication

Reach patients where they already are

From social media to physicians office visits, IQVIA can help you understand patient behavior, and map your communications strategy to match. That can include training and materials that increase self-sufficiency by leveraging support networks, from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and family. Or tools and educational resources delivered on mobile phones and tablets, to match the way patients get other important information.

Engage with advocacy groups

No matter how well conceived your communications, there is always the potential to confuse or create information overload for patients. IQIVA has built relationships with advocacy groups that can help you understand patients and their challenges with a disease. Being able to connect with them can help facilitate introductions between investigative sites and local groups so you can then leverage these insights in the creation of more relevant communication material.

Support medical professionals

Once your drug is in market, engaged healthcare professionals are an important source of information for patients. At this stage of the product lifecycle, IQVIA can help you create training materials or online resources to help providers communicate more clearly, and give patients information in ways they will both understand and remember.

Communicate more effectively in every channel

Successful patient engagement programs depend on a tailored combination of face-to-face interactions and technology – including behaviorally driven mobile health approaches – with oversight from healthcare professionals. These programs need to respond to ongoing changes in disease prevalence, R&D pipelines, the regulatory environment and policymaker agendas. It's a complex communications challenge, and one IQVIA is staffed to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies meet across the product lifecycle.

Physician Perspectives: How do pharmaceutical companies communicate with you?

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Better educate patients, providers, and opinion leaders across the product lifecycle - from clinical trials to real world use.

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