Concept-to-market real-world evidence solutions designed for MedTech

Real-world evidence (RWE) is becoming an essential part of MedTech product development. Regulatory bodies are increasingly interested in the value added by RWE, and this is set to rise with the incoming EU regulations on medical devices (MDR) and the FDA's 21st Century Cure asking for RWE throughout the lifecycle. 

IQVIA have an experienced MedTech team that understand your challenges and can build solutions designed specifically with MedTech at the heart. These include outcomes research, health economics, market access, real-world evidence generation, epidemiology and safety.

IQVIA can meet your real-world evidence needs from concept-to-market, with:

  • highly integrated MedTech-tailored solutions that create a truly connected offering.
  • real-world data and real-world evidence collection, analysis and application, both pre-approval and post-approval.
  • clinical trial design strategy across the entire spectrum of medical devices, diagnostics and combination products, focused on safety, effectiveness and value generation.
  • current U.S., EU and Asia-Pacific regulatory framework processes and emerging requirements around the world.
  • a breadth of offerings using cutting-edge technology that get the right decision-making information into your hands when and how you need it and that covers you from concept-to-market.

Optimizing Product Lifecycle Management With Real-World Evidence

MedTech Insight Article
This article describes the opportunities and challenges for the MedTech industry and how real-world evidence can inform strategy and decision-making throughout the MedTech-product lifecycle.