Understanding the Global Landscape of Genomic Initiatives
July 8, 2020
8:00AM - 9:00AM (GMT -04:00) Eastern Daylight Time

Realizing the Promise of Genomics Together

The landscape of initiatives to generate and collect human genomic data is rapidly evolving and highly diverse. Everywhere we turn people are talking about the growing availability of genetic data—from off-the-shelf DNA kits and genealogy programs, to large scale population initiatives—it is getting easier, faster, and cheaper to capture genomic data.

But what does that mean? What progress has been made to date? How do we come together to harness its true potential?

A newly published report by the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science provides the first examination and segmentation of the global genomic landscape. Join report authors and leading genomics experts for a live webinar to better understand the genomic data landscape, what it means today, and how you can unlock its potential to accelerate healthcare forward.

Key Learnings:

Understanding the potential of genomics means understanding its complexity. Discover the foundations of genomics and its power to diagnosis, and even prevent, disease.

Getting insight into the origins of human disease is essential to creating better therapeutics to prevent and treat it. Learn about the IQVIA Genomic Initiatives Database — a new database of public and private genomic data initiatives — that can help measure progress.

Drawing insights from genomics data is a growing need within the healthcare ecosystem. Experience a real-world case study on how genomics can deliver new insights to advance healthcare

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