HTA Accelerator

A clearer path to market access

Successful market access strategies require a nuanced understanding of the dynamic payer environment. IQVIA HTA Accelerator offers an integrated solution that provides key payer insights for launch readiness.


Multiple stakeholders in different regions require agile understanding of shifting demands

As you plan for the launch of your product, the expansion into new markets, or the maintenance of your current position, you have unique business needs and specific market access questions that must be addressed. Generating the necessary insights starts with learning from previous health technology assessments (HTAs) globally to get a comprehensive view of payer evidence requirements. IQVIA’s HTA Accelerator can help you gain instant insights in payer decision making based on HTA reports of more than 100 agencies in 32 countries across all therapeutic areas.


Complete the picture of payer requirements with data and insights

IQVIA's HTA Accelerator is an online platform to find the data and the strategic insights required for developing a comprehensive understanding of the payer environment. Our experienced team of local HTA experts reviews, extracts, translates and standardizes the data presented in the reports—making it easier than ever for you to gain a clear and complete picture of new and existing payer environments.

HTA Accelerator has been designed to quickly and easily provide:

  • Identification of payer evidentiary needs and requirements
  • Guidance to ensure clinical trial design captures the right endpoints to help build a convincing value story
  • Emerging trends and hurdles in payer assessment
  • Evaluation of the payer landscape for product in-licensing
  • Takeaways and learnings from recent decisions in the same therapy area or in analogous situations

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