COVID-19 and Consumer Health: Navigating the new reality
April 30, 2020
12:30PM - 1:30PM

IQVIA Consumer Health is committed to helping the consumer healthcare community by mobilizing our capabilities and resources to help industry keep moving forward, as together, we adjust to the impact of Covid-19 and prepare for a new reality.

We are hosting a FREE webinar – Covid-19 & Consumer Health: Navigating the new reality - to provide you with some context and areas to consider as your business reacts to the COVID-19 outbreak and the new reality it is shaping.

Covid-19 & Consumer Health: Navigating the new reality will see IQVIA Consumer Health experts give our perspective on the current state of play in the consumer health market, as Covid-19 impacts on all aspects of the industry, including views on:

  • The latest situation and future prospects with regards to the pandemic
  • The international Supply Chain Impact
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Health Market at a country level
  • Maintaining business critical activities and business continuity in challenging times
  • Preparing strategies for the longer-term

Join IQVIA Consumer Health as we navigate the Covid-19 outbreak together and continue to strive for a happier healthier world.

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