E360™ Real-World Data Platform: Perform scalable analytics on our global RWD portfolio

Enable faster business decisions from data to actionable results. Optimize research for Clinical Development, HEOR & Data Science and Commercial teams. Conduct data science in real-time.

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How can we help you solve your most critical business questions?

Data and information are expanding by the minute, and demanding analytics that can keep up. Technologies are emerging and changing the way we ask questions, find solutions and make decisions. At IQVIA, we are uniquely able to put the latest innovations, the most advanced (and creative) analytics, the best – and most relevant - data, all together, and all within your reach.

We build technologies that people in healthcare need, and will actually use. The result is a more modern approach to healthcare. A way to give our customers access to the expertise, the tools, the ideas and the innovation that will help them think and act differently. IQVIA’s E360™ Platform works with you to reach these results by helping you solve your critical business questions. It does this through a set of tools with an intuitive, easy to use interface using datasets from around the world, achieving breakthrough results.

By focusing on solutions, E360™ is able to assist in providing insights along the patient journey from feasibility to completed study. E360™ makes Data Science faster, allowing you to focus on the in-depth analysis, created to your design and specifications.

Find the Right Data and Patient Counts

Find the Right Data across different criteria, geography, therapies and other key variables.

With over 20 unique real world datasets that are updated on a regular basis, including a COVID-19 specific Longitudinal Prescription and Diagnosis (LRxDx) dataset that’s updated weekly, and a Genomic dataset with corresponding de-identified phenotypic (clinical) data; the IQVIA E360™ Platform connects you to over 600 million unique patient records with over 250 billion events, providing the world’s largest accessible Real World Data platform.

Test your hypotheses

Create and simulate your cohorts in minutes, not days or weeks. Through the use of IQVIA’s E360™ Dataset Explorer you can find the next data asset for your research study or analytics. The tool allows you to search different selection criteria (such as geography, therapeutic area, analysis type, etc.) to view meta-data about specific datasets.

IQVIA’s E360™ Cohort Builder allows for you to build patient cohorts in real time. The big data engine behind the user-friendly interface allows E360™ Cohort Builder to select the right patient groups to run your desired analytics, feasibility or trial simulations.

Design Smarter Trials

With complex protocols and end-points simulation, precise “what-if” analysis, incidence and prevalence analysis, and many other methods. IQVIA’s E360™ Analytics Workbench provides a generalized framework for delivering advanced analytics capabilities that are portable across Real World Data sets.

E360™ Analytics Workbench includes a rapidly growing pre-configured library of basic and advanced HEOR, Commercial and Machine-learning analytical methods along with an extensible framework for custom development.

IQVIA’s E360™ Analytics Workbench aims to deliver on the promise of: “Any analytic method, set of variables, any cohort and any dataset”.

Plan for the Future

With global assessments, line of therapy analysis and potential pathway discoveries, IQVIA’s E360™ can be used to build and explore patient populations with analytics and visualizations.

The most common analytical sets used are: global assessments, line of therapy analysis and potential pathway discoveries. These and over a dozen other analytical sets can be used to analyze multiple datasets with no additional coding needed within minutes rather than days or weeks.

Every member of your team can use the Platform

With pre-defined queries and tools, and an intuitive user interface, you don’t have to be a data scientist to access the potential of E360™.

The combination of instant access to diverse sources of real world data, privacy preserving genomics, power tools for deep insights from data, and rapid actionable insights all lead to providing you with a state-of-the-art healthcare analytics solution in an industry leading SaaS technology platform.

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