IQVIA COVID-19 Active Cases Curve Simulator
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Last Updated:
Jul 20, 2020

This simulator has been developed by the IQVIA Data Science and Advanced Analytics team as a tool to support public health decisions based on the level and trajectory of active cases in a country, region or state. The simulator focuses on total active cases as a metric that speaks to the overall impact COVID-19 is having, not just limited to hospitalizations or deaths. The simulation shows the number of active cases (per population), shape of increase of the curve, timing of the apex of the curve and the shape and timing of the decline from the apex.

Simulations for the United States are available for download and will be updated biweekly. 

For a full list of other available simulations contact the IQVIA Institute.                                                                                                                                                

Introduction to the IQVIA COVID-19 Active Cases Curve Simulator

About the Algorithmic Art

The impact of COVID-19 is not one-dimensional. And it is not static. It is as complex, interdependent, and dynamic as the humans, communities and systems it affects.

To understand, and act, we need to move beyond singular datapoints that often only provide a glimpse into one component of the care delivery life-cycle.

Human Data Science delivers that complex, dynamic view. It ingests more components of the healthcare system into consideration - vital as we lean on data to help public health officials make informed decisions on a path forward.

This artwork is created from the IQVIA COVID-19 Active Case Curve Simulator. The data represents active cases in the United States as of April 20, 2020 and three projected scenarios: normal, optimistic, and pessimistic.  

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