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There is a seemingly endless deluge of datapoints for COVID-19 that changes our understanding - and our perception - of the pandemic daily. With Human Data Science, we are able to draw insights from the complexity and provide a dynamic view that illustrates both the immediate impact as well as the longer term transformation of the healthcare ecosystem that is being fueled by this global pandemic.

Reopening the U.S. Health System: Tracking the Pandemic, Reopening Readiness and Health Services Utilization

As more states begin to relax restrictions to reopen local economies, the need for a quantitative measure of readiness is essential to make evidence-based decisions. This report features a new Reopening Readiness Index (RRI) and a Health Services Utilization Index (HSUI) to help guide decision-making on relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. 

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Shifts in Healthcare Demand, Delivery and Care During the COVID-19 Era: Tracking the impact in the United States

This report highlights key shifts in the US healthcare landscape as a result of COVID-19. Focus areas in this report include 

  • Tracking the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the U.S
  • The impact of COVID-19 on human behavior as it pertains to the use of health services
  • The impact on the delivery of non-COVID-19 related healthcare
  • Analysis of shifts in medicine use and spending 
  • Overview of COVID-19 related drug and vaccine research 
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COVID-19 as a Positive Turning Point in Healthcare: A Human Data Science Perspective

COVID-19 has been a dramatic – and traumatic – pressure test of healthcare around the world. As we look to the future, we see 10 areas of healthcare to rethink in order to not only be prepared for future disease outbreaks, but also develop a better, more sustainable approach to human health. This is the first in a series of papers that will look at how Human Data Science can transform how healthcare works.

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The More We Learn About the Disease, the Less We Know: A Human Data Science Perspective

The second in a series of Human Data Science Perspective articles, we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the new questions highlighting gaps in our knowledge, weaknesses of methodologies, shortcomings of analytics, and the siloed nature of human health research and data science disciplines. These gaps and weaknesses reveal an urgency and opportunity for a more integrated, interdisciplinary approach, known as Human Data Science. 
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Human Data Science Research Collaborative
COVID-19 has raised urgent questions for health systems and stakeholders around the world. Answering them will take collaborative, imaginative, and interdisciplinary research.

For a limited time, IQVIA is waiving access fees to two data technology platforms for academic affiliated researchers to address the transformation of healthcare systems in the COVID-19 era.
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