IQVIA UK 2017 Gender Pay Gap Results

On 28 March 2018 the IQVIA™ UK business published its gender pay gap report for the 2016-2017 performance year in alignment with requirements set by Her Majesty’s Government Equalities Office. Our full report as submitted can be viewed at the following link:

Our gender pay gap results, which include all legal entities under the IQVIA UK business from 2016 - 2017, are as follows:

GPG Pay and Bonus Gap Chart

In the above chart, the term ‘median’ represents the comparison of the middle number in a sorted list arranged in value order from lowest to highest for each gender. The term ‘mean’ represents the comparable average hourly earnings by gender.

The following chart shows the gender distribution (balance of female and male employees) and corresponding pay gap in our business across four equally-sized pay quartiles, each containing approximately 750 IQVIA UK colleagues.

GPG Pay Quartiles Chart

IQVIA UK is a broad and diverse business, which attracts talent from a wide range of diverse fields connected to the life sciences and technology sectors. In addition, many of our higher paid roles in the technology sector have historically attracted more men.

IQVIA™ is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion in which people from all backgrounds can fully contribute to the growth and success of our business. Attracting, developing and advancing diverse talent at all levels is critical to our business and an essential element of our inclusive, innovative workplace.

We are committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion for all our employees and improving our gender pay gap results. As such, our business is focused on three core areas:

  1. Recruitment– Our recruiting process actively seeks to consider a diverse range of candidates at all levels of the company. The company will continue to ensure that a diverse slate of candidates is considered for all positions. In addition, IQVIA is committed to hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences from within and outside the organisation for positions at all levels.

  2. Development & Progression – IQVIA is focused on having a diverse pipeline of talent moving up our organisation and providing opportunities for all employees to develop within a role as well as towards their next role. We will continue to consider a diverse slate of candidates for progression through our succession planning process.

  3. Retention – Once we hire the right people, we want them to stay. To increase employee engagement, we consistently seek feedback from employees through surveys and focus groups. We will continue to use this feedback and review our processes to identify additional initiatives aimed to further increase employee retention.
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