Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics


OHDSI (OMOP)¹,²: Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics

  • Research collaborative
    For standard analytical methods, tools and the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM) and vocabulary
  • Multiple stakeholders & disciplines
    Academia, government, industry & statistics, epidemiology, informatics, clinical sciences
  • Global footprint
    U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, 17 countries. OHDSI collaborators access a network of 1.2B patients
Why choose OHDSI/OMOP?
  • Faster and more reliable studies across a series of datasets and data types
  • Reduced costs of ownership including: understanding coding schemes, writing statistical programs across databases, or developing software
  • Expanded data access via the OHDSI network and remote multi-center database studies

¹OHDSI/OMOP is a public initiative independent of IQVIA
²OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership) is no longer an active project. OMOP Common Data
Model and Standardized Vocabularies are maintained and developed by OHDSI

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How OHDSI/OMOP creates value

Multiple SAS/R coding 

Systematic and standardized analytics 


IQVIA OHDSI/OMOP Tools and Services

IQVIA Data in OMOP Format
Access IQVIA portfolio of data in standardized format
Network Studies
Perform studies across OHDSI’s network members databases encompassing 1.2B de-identified records, leveraging IQVIA as a coordinating center
Software & Analytics Tools
Deploy OHDSI open source tools (ATLAS+, ACHILLES, Arachne, etc.), E360™ professional SaaS platform or custom machine learning algorithms for OMOP datasets
Consulting & Technical Services
Build your capabilities via training workshops on standardizing your own data flows to OMOP format


IQVIA Data in OMOP Format

Create global, comprehensive studies powered by unparalleled data assets

  • Enable standardized analysis across different data types (administrative claims and EHR data) and multiple countries
  • Allow for queries, analysis and studies to be developed once and deployed in any CDM database
  • Save time and programming resources

Examples of IQVIA Data in OMOP Format*:

*Enquire about any of IQVIAs dataset (~100) in OMOP format


Software & Analytics Tools
  • Installation & development of OHDSI tools (e.g., ATLAS+, ACHILLES, Arachne, etc.)
  • E360™ professional SaaS platform for OMOP/OHDSI data and tools
  • Custom machine learning algorithms for OMOP datasets


Network Studies

Perform studies across network members databases encompassing 1.2 B lives

Allow for queries, analysis and studies to be executed remotely, across the network in minutes to hours

  • No additional infrastructure or complex data extracts
  • Standard and accepted OHDSI analytics and workflow
  • Potential data enrichment, chart reviews and text processing

IQVIA has standardized operational agreements with a series of leading OHDSI members



  • World leading expert in converting data globally
  • FDA partner on implementing on OHDSI
  • OHDSI training partner
  • Principal investigator at OHDSI/OMOP since inception
  • Active contribution to OMOP vocabulary in multiple Countries and OHDSI tools
  • Dozens of peer reviewed publications of team across U.S. & Europe on OMOP use