Enriched Study Methods: Drive value, reduce burden.

Enhance your study with an innovative methodology leveraging real world secondary data. Reduce physician burden. Efficiently collect impactful data.

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Link primary and secondary RWD for a comprehensive patient record

Using an Enriched Study method, you can build a comprehensive, de-identified patient record for your research, linking primary and secondary real world data (RWD). Supplement secondary data collected during routine practice (claims, electronic medical records, or registries) with primary data collected from physicians and/or patients for your specific research purpose.

Primary data is collected via electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) or Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)
Secondary data is collected via Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Claims, or Registries

A proven approach

Enriched Studies collect and generate high quality RWD for an innovative, yet proven opportunity to reduce burden, and optimize study planning and execution.

Data driven study planning: Reduce protocol amendments and change orders, improve accuracy of patient recruitment forecasts, and increase site participation.

Reduce primary data collection burden: Shorten your CRF, avoid unnecessary primary data collection, and boost physician participation.

Efficiently generate insights: Reduce your time to first analysis and accelerate your first study publication by as much as ~30 months.

IQVIA Outcomes

Achieved 27% reduction

In clinical research form (CRF) length leveraging secondary data collection
IQVIA Experience

66% of physicians

Are more willing to participate in research using enriched methods
IQVIA Outcomes

Achieved 12% increase

In site participation through targeted identification using secondary data
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