The Oncology Evidence Network.

Access a network of European cancer hospitals, and leverage the deep clinical expertise of IQVIA, to perform complex real world oncology studies.

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An oncology network built for real world research

You see the potential of real world evidence but struggle to access the high quality data you need to understand the rapidly changing landscape of European oncology care.

Enabled by the IQVIA CORE, the Oncology Evidence Network is set up to simplify delivery of up-to-date real world evidence. The Oncology Evidence Network is a research network of Europe’s larger cancer hospitals working with IQVIA to provide high quality, real world data reflecting the latest clinical practice.

Thanks to onsite teams and streamlined processes, we can start studies, identify cohorts and run analyses efficiently. Our comprehensive dataset is updated daily at each hospital, ensuring your insights reflect current oncology care across Europe. 

The flexibility to handle complex real world studies

The Network has been designed to be flexible yet reliable. Extra pre-contracted sites can be readily added to our core, creating a network aligned to your target patient population, while the stable Network membership lets studies be repeated, meaning changes in clinical practice can be systematically tracked over time.

We can handle complex study designs too. Our proprietary data solution, onsite teams, and access to clinical experts mean we can perform studies requiring complex clinical interpretation or hard-to-source data, delivering tailored datasets and dashboards to meet your needs.

Rigorous quality

We understand the challenges of getting access to high-quality real world oncology data while protecting patient privacy. Our solution is to build stable long-term partnerships with the hospitals in our network. We then embed a team of data scientists in each hospital, supported by dedicated epidemiologists and clinical researchers. As a result, data always stays in the hospital’s secure environment, where the team can develop an in-depth understanding of the data and work constantly to ensure it is the best quality possible.

Combined with our transparent research and publication methods, this means your stakeholders can have a high degree of confidence in where the data comes from and how the evidence has been generated.

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