Creating global transparency, one business at a time

You might think transparency reporting doesn’t change much from company to company, but it does. In fact, every business faces its own unique needs for transparency reporting, and the size of the business plays a big role in the requirements.

IQVIA's Global Transparency Reporting is positioned to offer you access to experienced teams that can tailor our services to you, always taking into account the individual requirements of your company.


For large organizations

Large life sciences companies understand that technology alone does not ensure a successful transparency initiative. It takes experience to manage the nuances of every source system and every report. Our teams can hit the ground running to ensure you meet your reporting obligations around the globe. Our solutions, built from your existing technology, help you

  • Stay in compliance with all global reporting requirements
  • File global reports
  • Identify and capture upfront spend
  • And unlock more value from your existing processes


For small and emerging companies

With all the transparency reporting requirements you face, your firm has to manage its time, team, and budget carefully. Our models can be scaled to fit your needs — and are flexible and scalable so they can grow along with your business.

  • Reduce your administrative burden by managing all (or part) of your transparency reporting process
  • Save money by sharing the cost of our resources with the 100+ companies for whom we already provide transparency reporting services and solutions
  • Put the time and money you save back into your company and do more of what you do best — so you can continue to grow

Whatever the size of your company, transparency is a key part of your success. And we have the experts and the experience to get you there faster.

Reach out today to an expert who can tailor our services to the needs of your company.