What indications are driving usage of your multi-indication product?

To deploy the right marketing and sales strategies, you need to quantify which indications drive the use of your product. But, your data only tells you that your product was used--not why.

Find out the true use of your multi-indication product.

IQVIA combines data, advanced analytics, and therapeutic category expertise to reveal brand performance by indication to help you:

  • Understand
    the source of the use

    New, switch or repeat? Gain insight into why the product was used by indication at a sub-national level.

  • Take strategic
    next steps

    Focus on top converting indications with timely interventions and targeted promotional investments.

  • Improve sales force effectiveness

    Understanding product usage by specific indication allows for sales force adjustments that maximize ROI.

How it works

Data Collection

IQVIA gathers data assets from a range of sources*, including: anonymized patient-level data, longitudinal prescription data, diagnosis data, HCP demographics, and more.

* where available

Modeling and Validation

Various advanced analytic approaches that leverage machine learning are applied that result in an indication prediction algorithm.


Imputation of indication helps form a better understanding of brand performance, patient streams and treatment patterns by indication, enabling more precise actions tailored to specific HCP segments.