Transform your ideas into action with deep expertise and innovative concepts.

You want to reduce areas of uncertainty and navigate the healthcare world with confidence. We partner with you to help you discover unrealized connections and see solutions through the lens of deep insight, giving you actionable recommendations you can operationalize today.

IQVIA Consulting Services deep, global expertise spans clinical to commercial functions in multiple therapeutic areas and is powered by our highly trained and experienced staff. We apply global insight to local solutions, bringing together proprietary data, technology and advanced analytics to help you get your innovative therapies to patients faster.

In this changing environment, we help you every step of the way, across the clinical and commercial spectrum, with more depth in these four areas:

  • R&D solutions to help you get the right products to prescribers and patients faster
  • Pricing and market access to let you maximize value for the healthcare system
  • Launch excellence to enter the market successfully through meticulous planning and execution
  • Strategy and portfolio analysis that lets you make clearer informed decisions based on insights, not assumptions

We offer you results-focused solutions and perspectives developed through real-world experience across the entire value chain.

Forecasting and Franchise Strategy
Handling both strategy and execution at the same time can be daunting, and what if you’re also missing key information that should inform your approach? That’s where we can help.
Pricing & Market Access
How do payers and providers define value, and how can your product be even more valuable to them?
Patient-Centered Endpoints
We use unique methods to understand the patient experience during clinical trials. We interpret the outcome in a simple, digestible way, tailored to the patient perspective. Then we deliver the results to each appropriate stakeholder.
Launch Strategy and Management
Whether launching a new product or repositioning an existing product, you need to fully understand the risks and opportunities, and make the right decisions. How can you outpace your competitors, orchestrate teams that nurture the brand, and deliver on your promise to patients and healthcare professionals?
R&D Management Consulting
Use our clinical and real-word experience to fuel your drug development success.
Brand Strategy and Management
What’s the big picture for your brand? How do you see it evolving in the short term—and thriving in the long term? Is there a way that data can help you answer these questions?
Performance Management & Insights Accelerators
You’ll track hundreds of critical success factors over the course of your product’s lifecycle. Success requires your KPIs to be aligned to your goals and strategy, and relevant to performance.