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The new OneKey, the result of the integration of three premiere reference data brands, delivers insight into more than 9.7 million professionals and 708,000 organizations in the U.S., and the affiliations linking them together. A single, validated source, OneKey can help your organization:

  • Extend its coverage of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations
  • Connect to a single reference data standard
  • Understand customer access, value and potential

OneKey is powered by a unique ecosystem that continuously enriches the data, with 700 experienced researchers across the world with country-specific knowledge. More than 1,5 million updates are made globally each month. With these real-time inputs and harmonized data, OneKey seamlessly delivers the trusted information life sciences companies need to power their downstream commercial applications.

  • Know who is driving treatment paths and decisions with current information on official structures, positions and roles
  • See connections and understand how professionals and organizations are affiliated with one another
  • Optimize integration with OneKey’s APIs, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Be precise with 250+ attributes and harmonized views of HCPs and HCOs
  • Stay compliant with regulations pertaining to data privacy and the changing formats of local healthcare delivery environments

OneKey is a trusted data source for HCPs and HCOs worldwide. Find out what OneKey can do for you.

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Top 50 Hospitals: Market Insights Report

IQVIA’s top 50 U.S. hospitals data report provides critical insights about the hospital marketplace, including hospital ownership, size, and facility type. 

Top 25 Integrated Delivery Networks

The ranking of the Top 25 IDNs changes continuously as systems expand their networks and range through provider employment, affiliations and new management contracts.
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