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IQVIA is proud to be part of the global effort against COVID-19. We have mobilized our people, capabilities and resources to understand the disease, accelerate treatments, and help communities and stakeholders address the impact of the virus. In this unprecedented moment of crisis, we are committed to working with the healthcare community to treat, protect and support those affected by this disease.

Use of data science to understand the disease, its spread and the outcomes of mitigation efforts

  • AI-based disease trackers and prediction models
  • Participation in a global hackathon to assess real-world data and predictive models
  • Patient apps to enable reliable information sharing
Research Support
Human Data Science Research Collaborative
COVID-19 has raised urgent questions for health systems and stakeholders around the world. Answering them will take collaborative, imaginative, and interdisciplinary research.

For a limited time, IQVIA is waiving access fees to two data technology platforms for academic affiliated researchers to address the transformation of healthcare systems in the COVID-19 era.
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Delivering timely analysis on global and local market impact

  • 18+ weekly or daily reports at the country level
  • 22 planned or completed webinars on a range of topics, including impact on local pharma markets, non-COVID trials and treatments, and executive business continuity
  • Deep dive impact reports on providers relationships, supply chains, and use of medicines
  • Executive-level impact and outlook reports

Donations of materials and expertise

  • 4000+ masks to healthcare workers
  • Experts to advise governments on actions and risk planning
  • Redeployment of clinical trial educators and nurses to provide in-home support for non-COVID patients and onsite device education (including ventilators) for COVID treatments
We are committed to reducing the impact of COVID-19.
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