Functional Resourcing, Evolved

IQVIA FSP Advance integrates expert functional resourcing with clinical services and innovative technology solutions to increase quality and efficiency – advancing FSP outsourcing solutions to effectively deliver your R&D portfolio.

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Improved productivity and value

While shifting to a functional partnering model is a first step in effectively resourcing your clinical trial needs at scale, IQVIA recognizes your growing need to deliver incremental value beyond traditional resourcing.  IQVIA FSP Advance leverages three primary components in a powerful solutions suite to amplify partnership performance: 

  • Best-in-class functional resourcing 
  • Coordinated integration of clinical services 
  • Transformative technology and unparalleled data

IQVIA partners with you to select and integrate solution components that best complement your trial management ecosystem, delivering the greatest impact on quality and speed to market.

IQVIA's Experience

70+ countries

with customized FSP teams
IQVIA's Experience

300 studies

delivered using risk based monitoring across 39,000+ sites

FSP for the digital world

FSP Advance is purpose-built to work within the interconnectedness of a sponsor’s clinical systems and processes through a curated blend of:

Functional resourcing. IQVIA offers a progressive talent model, unmatched capacity management, local market intelligence, and talent acquisition in more than 80 countries.

Integrated clinical services. We combine functional resourcing with domain expertise in clinical and centralized monitoring, study start-up, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, lifecycle safety or regulatory affairs to streamline operations, and harmonize vendor governance and trial oversight.

Innovative technology and data analytics. IQVIA designed a suite of clinical development solutions and applications, leveraging advanced technology and IQVIA’s unparalleled data assets – with 600 million nonidentified patient records and more than 30 petabytes of proprietary data – to power greater performance in clinical operations. 

Advance clinical development by leveraging IQVIA’s unparalleled data assets, advanced analytics, technologies, and functional clinical resource management expertise today. 

New Thinking About FSP Models
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Predict enrollment more accurately and increase the number of patients per site using data-driven patient recruitment solutions.

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