The right data management helps you see the insights beyond the numbers.

Ensure you have access to insights early with connected devices and clean, analysis-ready data
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Getting the insights you need

Today’s clinical trials increasingly turn to third party data sources to collect study data. Electronic data capture (EDC) accounts for only 20-40 percent of all clinical data collected, which requires an innovative data management team to ensure transparency, data integrity and quality of your data.

The IQVIA Clinical Data Repository (CDR) ingests, integrates and standardizes data to drive downstream processes such as Real-Time Data Cleaning, Virtual Trials, Centralized Monitoring and machine learning. Because we understand your data needs to go beyond numbers to become what you really need – insights.

Innovation with proven delivery

From building your database to locking it down, IQVIA provides a data management model where EDC and third party data are acquired and cleaned in real-time – providing faster decision-making, better outcomes and alerting sites and patients to issues.

Our clinical data management teams produce results that are verified at the source, delivering the transparency, integrity, accountability, speed, and accuracy you need.

Decisive data management

  • Real-time data acquisition and cleaning powered by the IQVIA CORE, enabling integration and automation
  • Standardization and governance to decrease timelines, increase quality and enable automation
  • Data insights utilizing study and vendor metadata, enhancing operational effectiveness
  • Interoperable, system agnostic platforms to enable complex data collection, integration, and analysis
  • Comprehensive data strategy to focus on data flow for real-time data cleaning, including connected devices, mobile applications, virtual clinical trials, and AI & machine learning

Working how you need, on a global basis

IQVIA offers comprehensive data management solutions featuring full service, stand-alone and functional outsourcing models with experience in all therapeutic areas and all phases of clinical trials. With more than 3,000 CDM employees on five continents, you get the global resourcing you need, where you need it, with follow-the-sun coverage.

Whether as part of a full-service engagement or in a functional service provider (FSP) partnership, our methods foster high efficiencies, allow for early problem solving, and reduce oversight time.

Delivering value through an integrated approach

At IQVIA, we integrate our data management, biostatistics and medical writing teams early in the clinical development process to provide expended value to our partners.

  • Standardization of integrated, downstream deliverables when utilizing IQVIA Libraries (EDC, SDTM, ADaM, TLFs & CSR)
  • Planning, site start-up, screening, and enrollment – pulling together data according to ICH standards
  • Execution, data collection and monitoring – drives statistical analysis plan earlier
  • Close out and analysis – to prepare final submission deliverables with supporting documentation

Proof, not promises in enhancing speed and value

The value of data is derived from it being accurate and current. Integrating data management with biostatistics and medical writing has resulted in

  • Lower number of protocol deviations
  • Reduced eCRF design workload
  • Faster Sponsor data management plan review
  • Improved EDC page productivity
  • Faster EDC user acceptance testing
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