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Payers and regulators require robust evidence data and rely on expert opinions when reviewing applications for specialized medicines and complex therapies. Communicate effectively with key stakeholders so they understand the value your drug brings to patients.
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Set your product apart

Successful products must have compelling value stories for all key stakeholders: providers, regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, payers, and patients. IQVIA can help you carry this through from clinical development to successful market entry and product acceptance by demonstrating the unique value and outcomes your advances bring. We can connect with a wide range of stakeholders and suggest the best way to communicate your value message so that it's understood.

Give payers proof

There’s a stronger scientific emphasis in commercialization now due to drug pipelines dominated by specialized medicines and complex therapies targeting smaller patient populations. IQVIA can help you

  • Understand what payers are paying for and create an integrated story using evidence generated in clinical trials and real world studies
  • Assess risks, opportunities and differentiating factors in your most important global markets
  • Reduce the uncertainty that can come with complex pricing decisions by using advanced quantitative and qualitative analytics

Delivering personalized therapies for more patients

Pipelines are expanding. In biotherapeutics, up to eight new cell-based therapies, gene therapies or regenerative medicine therapies are expected to launch each year between 2019 and 2022.

Let science speak

New drugs are increasingly more specialized, and the path from molecule to market involves defining the added value for ever smaller groups of patients.

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) are a link between years of research and development and the doctors and opinion leaders who shape patient awareness. Typically, MSLs have built deep, practical scientific knowledge in specific therapeutic areas. This expertise, together with their network of relationships, positions them to credibly communicate complex scientific and medical data to doctors and key opinion leaders.

IQVIA's Experience

1,300+ MDs

Providing critical expertise on disease pathways and patient journeys
OUR LATEST THINKING ON medical affairs
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