How MDM Can Improve Your OCE Strategy
Securing a robust master data management system as a foundational layer, your organization can more efficiently employ a solid strategy of orchestrated customer engagement..
Francesca D'Angelo, Dir, Information Management Commercial Offering
May 19, 2020

Organizations that have invested in cultivating a strong, mature orchestrated customer engagement (OCE) system may be looking for ways to get more insights from their data, or essentially, to get their data to work harder for them. By securing a robust master data management (MDM) system as a foundational layer, your organization can more efficiently employ a solid strategy of orchestrated customer engagement.

How to Make Your Data Work Smarter

In order to properly leverage the power of your master data, it is important to make it work hard for you, in tandem with your OCE strategy. A typical situation may be one using a customer relationship management (CRM) program to run real-time segmentations of health care professionals (HCPs) and cross-national resource optimizations: If you base these calculations on incomplete information you risk obtaining biased or unappropriated results. Utilizing a strong MDM as the baseline ensures you have the broader foundation of data to benefit from, securing the highest value from a holistic approach.

Another activity that your OCE program is expected to do may be the automated assignment of HCPs to marketing campaigns: if a highly relevant physician had a low number of sales rep visits, this individual could be a priority recipient of the next marketing activity. The foundational MDM will provide to your OCE system complete information about all HCPs, including personal details as well as contact and channel preferences, so that the organization will be able to achieve a more dynamic engagement with those professionals through steady, consistent communication, increasing customer satisfaction and company image.

There are many other examples of situations where having foundational MDM will increase your OCE strategy, e.g., marketing material can be customized to groups of HCPs with similar interests, based on the tracking of HCP responses to material presented on tablet-PCs or websites. MDM will allow you to collate the information needs of these HCPs, expressed or tracked through any channel/media and will make them available in a complete and clean form to all operation systems that need them.

IQVIA Technologies solutions

A Platform That Serves Companies Well

OCE involves any type of data including master, meta, reference, and especially transactional data. A strong OCE strategy becomes even more valuable when paired with a strong MDM program. MDM provides the underlying foundation to get the best insights from the data, ensuring the correct correlation between transactions and master data.

An OCE platform enables companies to manage an increasingly complex mix of direct and indirect communication channels, run effective campaigns based on actual customer needs and preferences, and achieve more productive engagement with all customer segments through consistent, targeted outreach. A mature MDM as a basis can enable the orchestration of all the data that are critical assets in running targeted sales and marketing efforts.

IQVIA’s OCE empowered by MDM has shown to have a significant impact on commercial effectiveness, helping companies build stronger bonds of trust with their customers, improve brand loyalty, and achieve their commercial goals with greater ease and efficiency.

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