Medical License Monitor

Efficiently automate and simplify medical licensing checks with our monitoring solutions.
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Efficiently automate and simplify medical licensing checks.

HR departments at pharmacies, hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations are using Medical License Monitor to perform automated medical license and background checks as required by the CMS. Medical License Monitor saves your busy staff precious time—and reduces risk of errors.

Medical License Monitor automatically checks:

  • Medical licensing information
  • OIG & Medicaid exclusions and Medicare opt-out
  • OIE LEIE exclusions
  • License Board action/state abuse registries
  • Monthly & quarterly monitoring
  • Monthly verification available

Thousands of pharmacies rely on OneKey pharmacy services to streamline processes, save time and avoid costly fines. Be sure to ask about Central Prescriber, which you can integrate with PDX or customize to your pharmacy’s software, to help identify, select and attach providers to a prescription for more accurate reimbursement. And for your Human Resources department, Medical License Monitor can help save time and avoid mistakes by automatically checking the licenses and credentials of pharmacy employees subject to CMS requirements.

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