Information Technology

The right technology has the possibility to help you accelerate the timeline to bring treatments to patients, minimize compliance risk, and improve your commercial performance.
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Leverage technology to maximize value and minimize risk.

IQVIA technology solutions are developed with the sole purpose of delivering the results you care about. We leverage strategic partnerships with best-in-class platforms like Salesforce and Reltio and our life sciences industry domain expertise to develop innovative solutions that help your organization solve today's problems and enable agility to handle the increasingly complex demands of tomorrow.

As a key element of our IQVIA CORE we have technology solutions designed to help life science companies in these functions:

  • Improve planning and execution of clinical trials
  • End-to-end compliance solution that strengthen risk management, drive quality improvements, and greater efficiency   
  • Integrating commercial operations management, marketing management, and sales force effectiveness to create Orchestrated Customer Engagement
  • Reduce infrastructure burden and increase sales rep productivity with life-sciences CRM
  • Create a holistic understanding of the customer across the organization with master data management and commercial data warehouse solutions
  • Business Intelligence tools backed by the world's largest curated healthcare data source
  • Flexible, scalable Support Services that maximize productivity

Rethink how you approach your technology infrastructure with solutions built on best –in-class platforms specifically to meet the complex needs of life sciences companies. Contact us to learn how to future proof your technology.

Information Technology Solutions
Commercial Data Warehouse

Access to the information your stakeholders need, anytime, anywhere

Life Sciences CRM

Reduce your technology burden and enable collaboration with a suite of modules that were born integrated

Master Data Management

Unleash the power of your data across the enterprise

Support Services

Maximize productivity with a flexible support model focused on superior user experience

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Reporting and Analytics

Transform data into action


Easing the path to compliance and reporting with technology.

Global Solutions You May Be Interested In
Clinical Acceleration

Avoid the cost of failed sites and shorten trial timelines with evidence-based site activation and engagement technologies.

Orchestrated Customer Engagement

Transform your commercial operations from disconnected silos to orchestrated departments with a platform built for healthcare customer engagement.