Bring medicaid expertise to your organization

Developing an effective Medicaid strategy and validating claims associated with participating in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, requires not only access to comprehensive Medicaid data but also experience working with, and expert knowledge of, the continuously evolving state policies associated with the program.

Our Data Niche Associates team provides the combination of industry-leading data, expertise, and technology essential to delivering results for our clients.

  • Save time and resources by partnering with the only provider of claims-level Medicaid data. Our Data Niche Associates division not only works to obtain the information from the states, but also to standardize the data into a usable format
  • Gain visibility into Medicaid prescription utilization trends on all pharmaceutical products reimbursed by Medicaid across all outlet types – including specialty pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and physician offices to design and execute a more effective strategy
  • Reduce revenue leakage through more efficient Medicaid claims validation by leveraging our validation software, OutlierView
  • Leverage our dedicated support resources to maximize your investment. Our skilled team of experts monitors the continuously changing state policies to assist our clients in answering questions surrounding claims-level validation as well as dispute resolution

Contact us and let's work together to develop your Medicaid strategy and reduce your risk of revenue leakage.

Reduce revenue leakage through robust medicaid claim-level validations

Considering that one out of every five U.S. patients is covered by Medicaid, it is critical that you manage Medicaid exposure and only pay rebates based on valid Medicaid claims. 

Our OutlierView solution is the only tool of its kind designed specifically for Medicaid and the unique challenges associated with participating in the MDRP. Featuring claims level Medicaid data and robust validation logic and reporting including 340B and commercial managed care, OutlierView is an easy-to-use software solution that allows any user to validate Medicaid claims quickly and confidently, reducing revenue leakage and improving operational efficiency. Contact us to learn more.