Battling the Big Squeeze: How Understanding Demand and Margin Can Improve Brand Performance
As part of joining the global effort to proactively fight COVID-19, IQVIA is closely watching market, brand, payer, prescriber, and patient trends amongst many others.
White Paper
Apr 17, 2020

With news of nearly every manufacturer moving to a work from home environment, healthcare professionals limiting office visits to only those in immediate medical need, and many people deciding to stay home, COVID-19 will impact demand and manifest itself in both top- and bottom-line revenue pressures. And the longer the disruption lasts, the more pressure we will see. These demand and margin pressures are at the core of the "Big Squeeze."

With uncertainty on the duration or magnitude of the COVID-19 impact, the entire world is moving into unchartered waters. We must collectively deal with a rapidly evolving social, economic, and political landscape.

Globally and within the US, IQVIA is well positioned to help clients strategically identify how, where, why, and when challenges in demand and margin will impact business, operations, and strategic decision-making. Through gaining a better understanding of demand and margin forces, our clients are better informed and prepared for dealing with both known and unknown challenges as they emerge from this situation.

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