Find the Needle in the Haystack with IQVIA™ ePromo "Where Used" Reporting

March 28, 2019
Victoria Marsh, Associate Director, Offering Management

John has been tasked by his manager to locate, expire and update all active promotional and non-promotional documents produced within his company’s metabolic syndrome therapeutic area portfolio, which references a global population statistic from the 2017 WHO global obesity report.  
John can see days ahead of him that include several time-consuming tasks: 

  • Manually working through documents
  • Checking multiple highlighted reference sections to confirm he’s caught everything
  • Capturing the affected documents in an excel file
  • Expiring each job individually
  • Retracting digital content and alerting the warehouse and salesforce team to destroy existing hard copy content
  • Creating new document placeholders

This is an inefficient use of John’s time.  John needs a review and approval product that understands his user needs and can help him manage this update process and quickly deliver updated materials to market. 

IQVIA™ ePromo has powerful ‘Where Used’ functionality, so precise that it can locate and report down to each and every highlighted reference section [anchor].  This enables John to identify and expire documents, set up new jobs and email colleagues /warehouse about the forthcoming update work in a matter of clicks.  

Through the Where Used report, John can see the relationships to a specific item, allowing John and his manager to analyse the impact of making changes to that item by identifying the other items that refer to it.  IQVIA™ ePromo Where Used Reports can be generated for Pieces, References, Claims, Supporting Documents, and linked Anchors. 

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